Take your marketing to the stratosphere

We connect you to the right agency for your business. Vetted, proven marketers that get results.


Spend time building your business, not marketing.

We connect you to the right agency for your business. Vetted, proven marketers that get results.

Proven Marketers

We get to know your business and connect you with the marketing team that fits your needs, timelines and budgets.

Focused on Your Business

Our entire approach puts your end customer at the center. Every marketing tactic we deploy aims to engage the hearts and minds of your ideal customer.

Get "Marketing" Off Your Plate

You can rest easy knowing you have a proven team of skilled marketers who are focused on your business objectives and budget.

Leads & Web Presence

Talented marketers will make sure you outshine competitors and bring in a steady flow of inbound leads.


Level-up your marketing with the right team, so you can do what you do best: focusing on your business.

No matter your needs, Stratos Marketing gets to know you and your small business to get the marketing team that’s the right fit. There are thousands of so-called marketers and agencies who will tell you want to hear to get your business. But they may not be the experts they say they are. A designer says they are a copywriter and an SEO expert may say they are a website developer.

We vet them for you.

Don’t get sold by marketers or agencies who outsource their work and have you foot the bill. Get the right marketers who are the right fit for your budget and business needs.

"Marketing has been a thorn in my side for years. I knew I needed a better site and a formal digital strategy, but was afraid of marketing budgets and going months without ROI. Stratos Marketing was practical, profit-focused, and spoke my language." 

– Mike Orion, Executive Coach & HR Consultant

Move Marketing to the top of your List

Customers are looking for you online. Do them a favor by being easy to find.