We Make Connections

Connecting You with the Right Marketing Team


Time is Money

“Spend time on your business. Let marketers do the marketing.”

Stratos Marketing believes your small business deserves marketing that works. And you don’t need to be a Fortune 500 business or have huge budgets to have a solid marketing strategy or program. You can start small with a smart strategy and proven marketing team to achieve your goals.

Let us connect you the right marketers that fit your needs.

Think your small business can't afford good marketing?

Focus On Your Business

Spend time on your business and your customers. That’s what’s important. Let our team of marketers do the marketing for you.

Start Small. Work Smart!

We understand you may not have a large marketing budget. But you can have a nimble marketing team that works smart and on your budget. Schedule a free consultation with us and we’ll get started finding a marketing team that’s right for you.

Marketing is a Must

Not marketing is like having a retail store without a sign out front. You must get in front of your target market and the right marketing team can get you the customers you need. Let us get the right marketing team in place for you.

" Marketing has been a real thorn in my side. I just needed something simple and affordable to get me started. "

-Will Freeland, Business Process Consultant

Since working with Stratos Marketing, my business has increased its conversion rate from 6% to 25%. They don’t give us hundreds of leads but rather give us a handful of qualified leads weekly. We are closing new deals quickly! We are currently in talks with the team to completely take over our lead generation and qualification process. That is how much we are satisfied and trust the team.

– James Lee, Owner of a Consulting Firm

We have a network of proven marketers who focus on small business.

Small business owners need marketing strategies that don’t drain their time or their wallet. They also need modest growth, not grandiose promises. That’s what we bring to the table.

Want a realistic marketing plan that will bring profits without taking over your calendar?